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Why a WUF-25?

  • Advanced auto cascade 1 compressor freezing system.
  • Fast pulldown temperature time.
  • Temperature Range -65℃ and -90℃.
  • Digital controller.
  • Low Energy consumption.
  • Low Maintenance cost


Optional Accessories

  • RS-232 data port and software with interface can be data acquisition via user’s PC.
  • Co2 back-up system built in or free-standing.
  • Left hand door swing  ( freezer is standard equipped with right hand door swing )
  • Storage racks, boxes and dividers.
  • Wireless monitoring system.
  • 7 day chart recorder.
  • IQ/OQ validation protocol.


25 Liters.

Operation Temperature range: Between -65℃ and -90℃.


Cold rolled steel with powder coating.


Stainless steel (AIS-304) chamber.

Maximum performance test: -86°C ambient temperature +32℃.

Refrigerants CFC-free?


Refrigeration system:

Single stage Auto cascade 1 compressor system.

Condenser type:

Air cooled block condenser without fins.

Evaporator type:

Copper tube evaporator is sized to achieve fast Kcal removal.

Temperature controller type: 7” inch LCD touchscreen 1℃ graduation.
Sensor type: PT 100Ω.

Alarm system:

Audible and visual alarm. Adjustable hi and low limit.

Single outer door including:

lock + keys and 1 inner doors.

2” inch porthole for external sensor?

Insulation material: 950mm high density polyurethane foam.
4 leveling foot? Yes.

Electrical Requirements:

220/240V - 50Hertz – single Phase – 250 Watt.

External Size:

Wide= 390mm x Deep 630mm x Height= 820mm.

Internal Size:

Wide= 195mm x Deep 390mm x Height= 295mm.


60 kg.

1.   Simplified Hi-Efficiency Freezing System SHFSTM. 2.   Fast pulldown from ambient +25°C to setpoint temperature -80°C in only 100 minutes. 3.   Low Noise operation ≤50dB compared to typical 2 stage cascade compressor systems..! 4.   Low Energy consumption of 250 Watt per hour. 5.   Low Heat rejection. 6.   Low failure rate. 7.   Low maintenance cost. 8.   Low repair cost. 9.   No washable condenser filter needed anymore! 10. Down-feed evaporator for maximum heat removal and temperature uniformity. WUF-25 specificaties 11. The automatic timer & relay systems will automatically restart the freezer in case of power failure. 12. Exclusive hermetic compressor enables noise level less than 50dB. 13. Freezer performance is guaranteed in warm ambient up till +30°C. 14. Stainless steel  Inner chamber (AIS-304). 15. 1 each inner doors to minimize cold air loss during door openings. 16. The hotgas Rim heating systems to prevent too much ice collecting on the gasket. 17. Triple sealed silicon gasket minimize cold air loss and assure the stable temperature. 18. Digital controller allows free-setting of cabinet temperature. 20. Integrated safety device for overload and thermal protection of compressor. 21. Specially designed large capacity of Air cooled condenser with pins. 22. Audible & Visual door alarm / battery powered.
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